Application for Malta Pointe

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Electronic Communication Rules

By clicking in the box marked "I AGREE", you consent to use electronic communications, electronic records, and electronic signatures rather than paper documents for the forms provided on this web site. You acknowledge your endorsement and acceptance of any and all terms of the Application and Rental Policy. You understand that your electronic signature is legally binding, just as if you had signed a paper document. You are also agreeing that we may contact you about your application materials via the email address you provided and agree to keep that as a valid working email address.

Terms and Conditions


Welcome, and thank you for choosing our community. We require that each applicant and adult occupant meet certain rental criteria. Before you fill out and complete our Rental Application, we suggest that you determine whether you meet our requirements. Please note that the term "Applicant" provided below applies to all Residents to be indentified on the Lease Contract and the person or persons to be responsible for paying the rent. Please note that these represent our current rental criteria; nothing contained in these requirements shall constitute a guarantee or representation by Owner prior to these requirements going into effect. Additionally, our liability to verify whether these requirements have been met is limited to the information we receive from the various credit reporting services used.

In order to successfully submit your application you will need to pay the non-refundable application fee ($40 per Applicant). Once we have received and reviewed your application you will be contacted by a Solomon Organization, LLC employee.

If your application is approved, you are required to pay a holding deposit in the amount of $275 in order to secure your new apartment home. The holding deposit will be applied toward your security deposit, and is refundable only if management declines the application or is canceled within 1 days from the time of application. Your total security deposit shall be equal to 1 month's rent, subject to your credit history report. The remainder of your security deposit balance along with signing your Lease Contract must be delivered to the community within 3 days of application approval. Please note a portion of your security deposit in the amount of $275 is non-refundable and applied toward the holding/remarketing fee.

Once your application is approved and we are in receipt of your holding deposit, we will reserve the apartment home for you and make arrangements for you to complete a rental agreement. Please note that you must provide us with written proof of income or ability to pay rent prior to signing your lease.

  1. Applicant or applicants must be minimum of eighteen (18) years of age or older.
  2. Occupancy Guidelines:
  3. Employment Requirement: Employment will be verified. Verifiable income shall include income as confirmed by employer, trust officer, two (2) recent computerized pay stubs, or two (2) years tax returns, if self-employed.
  4. Credit History Report: Many owner/agents rely upon 3rd party screening companies to estimate the relative financial risk of leasing an apartment to Applicant. In addition to estimating risk, results are an objective and consistent way of reviewing relevant Applicant information, and helps speed the application approval process. A prospect's application will be screened manually using our manual process guidelines only if your consumer credit report shows no credit history or you are not a U.S. citizen and do not have a social security number. If you are conditionally approved you have the option of re-applying with a guarantor or paying an additional 5% rent premium for financial risk. Some communities may also offer the option of a 2 month security deposit if conditionally approved, please check with the community you are applying. The owner/agent reserves the right to deny your application if the above criteria is not met.
  5. Criminal Convictions: The Solomon Organization is an avid supporter of Crime Free/Drug Free in Multi-housing. Applicant(s) with a felony criminal convictions or sex offenders offense will be denied.


You misrepresent any information on the application. In general, if misrepresentations are found after the rental agreement is signed, your rental agreement will be terminated.


If your application is accepted, you will be required to sign a Lease Contract within 3 days of approval, in which you will agree to abide by the policies of this apartment community. A copy of this contract is available for your review. Please read the Lease Contract carefully, as we take each and every part seriously. The Lease Contract is much more comprehensive than this application and explains all responsibilities and financial obligations. It has been written to protect the rights of both our Residents and the Owners of the community. All residents over the age of 18 must complete and sign the application, Lease Contract, and provide utility account numbers (if applicable) and vehicle information, and pay monies specified in the Lease Contract before possession of the apartment home will be given and keys will be issued.

Please note there will be a $75.00 Turnover Fee for Administrative Purposes at the end of your lease that is taken out of the refundable part of your Security Deposit.


It is the policy of the Solomon Organization and this rental community to treat all Current and Prospective residents in a fair, professional manner, without regard to race, color, religion, sex, familial status, handicap, or nation origin.



Applicant herby authorizes the Solomon Management, LLC, or authorized agent, to obtain a consumer report, employment verification report, current/previous Landlord reports, and any other information the management company deems necessary, for the purpose of evaluating the application for residency. It is understood that such information may include, but is not limited to, credit history, civil and criminal information, records of arrest, rental history, employment/salary details, vehicle records, licensing records, and/or any other necessary information. Applicant agrees to furnish additional credit reference upon request, if necessary. Applicant hereby expressly releases the Solomon Organization, LLC and authorized agent, and any procurer of furnisher of information, from any liability what-so-ever in the use, procurement or furnishing of such information, and understand that my application information may be provided to various local, state, and/or federal government agencies, including without limitation, various law enforcement agencies.

Applying Online. While it is easy and won't take much time, submitting your application electronically is no less valid than if you had physically signed it. If you don't know which specific apartment you want yet, we can help you with that later.

We offer this online application for your convenience and completion of a rental application does not ensure approval for an apartment home. If you prefer to do this in-person, please visit us at our community. To schedule an appointment, please give us a call at (518) 899-2011. You can also print this out and fax, email or drop it off.

When you electronically submit your application, a PDF copy will be sent to you at the email address provided on your application. For your own protection, certain sensitive information will be blocked out from the application that is emailed back to you.

Please note, in order to successfully submit your application online, you will need to pay the non-refundable application fee $40 per Applicant, payable by e-check or credit card. Once we have received and reviewed your application you will be contacted by a Solomon Organization, LLC employee. In the meantime, you can reach us at with any questions.

By Applying Online,
I AGREE to all of the Electronic Communication Rules.

(Statement of Rental Policy)